ETHBerlin Fact Sheet:

everything you wish your parents told you before getting into Open-Source hackathons (?)

A lot has been rumored over ETHBerlin- or maybe not, but that was a nice start for this write-up.
The fact of the matter is that we are indeed working towards organizing a memorable event, and while we sort out piles of GDPR and legal paperwork because after all, Berlin’s cool but it’s in Germany, and Germany does love bureaucracy, we need to focus more on our audience and inform accordingly.

So we assembled this fact sheet in an FAQ format, which we intend to continue adding to as questions arise.


What to expect in terms of ETHBerlin structure and organization?

The event will be held at Factory Berlin, which has not one, but TWO venues.

One is in the central district of Berlin, Mitte. The other brand new Factory venue is bang in the middle of the city’s startup scene, Gorlitzer Park.

Factory is one of the city’s biggest innovation hubs and these guys have been involved with the blockchain community here for a long time, so it’s only fitting the hackathon is held here.

On Day 1 we will have a launch event/mini-conf to kick everything off at Factory’s Mitte location, followed by a cocktail reception, cos we got to get those inspirational juices flowing.

We will also have a HACKER ONLY session at Factory’s other venue in Berlin’s infamous Gorlitzer Park, aimed to bring the hackers up to speed, set testnets and prepare their skillsets.

Day 2 will be the Hackathon + workshops (Görlitzer)

Day 3 will see the end of the hackathon, followed by presentations to the judges and then the announcement of the winners.

AND in true Berlin style, we will end with a blowout so everyone can let rip after an intense couple of days glued to their laptops.

Who is running this?

We are a collective of individuals working full time in Blockchain for diverse companies: high profile Ethereum projects, very knowledgeable VCs, meme connoisseurs, software developers. Our organization team is formed by more than 20 people, so for the sake of making this concise, we’re just going to go for the ETHBerlin Core Orga team as a collective and not separate individuals.
ETHBerlin is organized in joint collaboration with ETHGlobal and with the incredible support of Factory Berlin.

How can I get a ticket to the talks/hackathon?

ETHBerlin is committed to inclusion, diversity, education, and above all, to the Ethereum Community improvement. We will not sell any tickets for this event. Some tickets will be available for free for things such as Day 1: conferences, or the Day 2 workshops. We will release separate applications in due time. Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors, and Hackers will have access to all events (although they will need to sign up for some due to capacity restrictions)


I applied as a sponsor, when will you reach out to ask for money?

We launched our sponsorship deck two days ago. As we have quite demanding “day” jobs, we are slowly contacting everyone that e-mailed, filled the form on our website and more. You can also download the deck by clicking here.

I applied as a hacker! What about my confirmation?

Hackers that need help with Visas will have priority, as we know this can be a process that takes time. If you need a visa, do stress this in your application and we will expedite the process.
The other hackers will be approved in the first week of August.

We would like first to ensure that everyone gets a chance to come, regardless of visas, and we need to prioritize those who will have to pass bureaucratic hurdles. Thank you for bearing with us and for your understanding, fellow hackers.

I applied as a speaker, when will I get the confirmation?

Speaking applications close on Friday, June 15th. After that, we will take a week or so to review all of them and then send in confirmation emails. We will try to gather as many speakers as possible, so maybe you’re assigned to a workshop, or to any of the two opening events. If you are not comfortable with the spot we chose for you – we are really sorry, but we had to go with the fairest way to represent you all while safeguarding the quality of the content.
Additionally, we will be sending e-mails to decline some applications that are not a match. Last but not least: if you sent us a product/project pitch, that means that you skipped reading the rules right above the application form. You had ONE job. We are not taking these applications into consideration. If you wanna re-apply, you are totally free to do so. If you still don’t think it’s fair we rejected your product pitch, considering we did tell you two times about our rules, please email us at 😉

What about volunteers?

Same as hackers – people with Visas come first. We will be taking on a large number of volunteers so you can consider yourself approved, and in case you need a Visa, REACH OUT.


At ETHBerlin, one of our core concerns was to make sure that these particular two areas are covered in detail. Our team has two task forces entirely dedicated to organizing this.
If you are a dev working on an open source project and have some killer skills, please reach us out, we need you to be able to give feedback to the hackers.

Who will be judging? Can I apply?

We are happy to take in judges from all walks of Blockchain. So don’t be shy. Your work and criteria will matter and will enable the BUIDLers of great tools to get funding for their projects.
We will be additionally hand-picking judges that are in Berlin or who have showed interest. If we missed you, it’s because we are lucky to experience a high volume of requests, so please drop us an email.

Who will be mentoring? What does mentoring imply?

Based on what we experienced at ETHBuenosAires, we are expecting hackers that are already well-versed and knowledgeable. So most of the mentors’ tasks will be giving feedback.
As we aim to have the Hacker Set-up session, we hope that all mentors will be able to collaborate on this, and bringing all hackers up to speed before the hackathon launches.
Mentorship will then become a great experience where you will be able to discover great projects, make friends and collaborate in a true open source selfless community, without any pressure.
You don’t need to prepare anything to be a mentor. If you are already good at your job, and ready to help open source furtherly, just join us.


ETHBerlin has decided to prioritize the Open Track Bounty so all sponsors will be donating to this particular one.
Additionally, we will have some sponsored prizes, more information on that coming soon.


Food stuff

If you are an ETHBerlin assistant, you will have food covered, and everything you need on the premises for you to be able to focus on the BUILD. More coming soon, but we got you covered.

Some noteworthy stuff (to be continued)

We won’t cover flight costs of volunteers: we are very sorry, but hacker prizes (open track bounty) are our priority in terms of budget allocation.
We will create a community channel for you to connect with others and even ask for Couchsurfing – this is Berlin and we are quite open-minded and want everyone to have a great experience.


We will be delighted to have you join as media partners. Please apply via our website and you will be contacted soon.